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 WELCOME TO Vesta's Circle,

A Healing Space with someone who works with you to create your own journey.

I do not tell you what you should or should not do.

I do not charge you for more than you need.

If I feel you do not need a Tarot reading I will say so and then  you can decide.

This is about your Empowerment. This is your journey.

This is about you taking responsibility for your own healing. I am the facilitator.

I am here to give you suggestions and tips to help you move forward, the work is up to you.

Each Client is an individual so no two clients will be given the exact same healing.

I do suggest that if you truly want to be in control of your journey you do committ to regualar healing on some level for no less than 12 weeks ( a discount is given to ensure this is affordable to you.)



How do we start? What do you need to do first?

  1. Tarot/Oracle Reading (From  5 mins-, 15 mins up to 30 mins depends on what you need... )


  2. Soul Energy Clearing (20 mins) (once every 6 months)


  3. Chakra Realignment (between 20 mins-30 mins 2-3 times per week for a month.)


  4. Reiki (1 x 60 min Session per week for a month or 6 x 30 min Sessions over the month)


  5. Universal Balance (up to 3 sessions within 4 weeks  if you want a UL)(20 mins per session)


  6. Universal Link ( one off session) 30 mins


  7. Aromatherapy Massage/Hot Stone Massage(30 mins-60 mins up to 6 Sessions )

      8. Aromtherapy Foot soak and Massage (30 mins $45)

(Up to two a week for the first 2 weeks then one a week for 4 weeks then once a month for 6 months)


      9. Aromatherapy/Sports Massage Neck/Shoulder Massage (10 min $10)

(up to 3 per week for 2 weeks then  2 per week for 2 weeks then 1 a week for 4 weeks then reviewed)



If you want a complete 2 hr Healing Session for $190

  1. Tarot/Oracle Reading 15 min


  2. Soul Energy Clearing 20 min


  3. Chakra Realignment  15 min


  4. 1x Reiki session 30 min

       5. Facial 10 min


       6. Aromatherapy massage and Hot Stone.. 30 min



  Must be booked as one Session. to get the package deal...... Tarot/Oracle Reading   Soul Energy Clearing    Booked as an Hour session normally $110  Special $95.....             


With Lucy and Paula as a 2 hr Session...


Mirimiri, RomiRomi, with Lucy

while Paula Provides Reiki, Massage and Sound Healing in a very safe and loving environment.


This is a time when you are completely ready to release old issues, blocks that are stopping you from moving forward. Are you ready to completely surrender to Lucy and Paula to allow them to assist you in preparing to move forward with new energies?


Normal Retail for this as it is after hrs on a Monday from 4.30pm- 6.30pm $250.00 Must be paid in advance before booking is confirmed.