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My Body is a reflection of my mind.

My mind is a reflection of my Spirit.

I am a reflection of Divine Light.


* Paula Devine


Tarot over 10 years,

Native American Readings over 8 years,

 Aromatherapy Massage  10 years,

Energy Chakra Balancing Realignments 6 years,  and still developing...

Mentoring Just Over 4 years...

Soul Energy Clearing-  completed  SEC advanced and am really ready to help those who are ready to make changes within their lives

N Z  Founder- Barbara Ann Guiney (see her website on Spiritual Links)

Universal Balance/Universal Link-

Reiki 1, 2 and Master......

Aromatherapy Massage/Hot Stone  Massage....

Sue Nicholson's Workshops level 1, 2..... 2009.....

Blue Lotus Healing- Recently in a Trance state Neferetum came to me......

Angel Workshop- with Melissa Bult (August 2010)

                               - with Lynette Jennings (November 2010)

Spiritual Healing...Continue to learn and use personal Healing techniques..........



"Always Be True To Yourself."


Primary focus


To Assist others In Creating Their Own Individual Paths, Being the Best They can Possibly Be!



 Hobbies : Walking, Reading Spiritual Autobiography books, Researching Info, chatting Online, Being Outdoors,  Spending Time With family.... . Three beautiful Children and an incredible partner....


Rev_ Vesta is founder of this  company.                     Photo taken  Belatine 2010.... (All Hallow's Eve                                                                                          Promotion....... weekend instore).....



Healthy Expo 2003
and 2005


Tait Drive Pyschic and Healing Fair 2007, 2008 and 2009

Healthy Body and Soul Expo 2009


Waipawa Duck Festival 2009

Waipukarau De's Cavern 2009/2010 (every 2nd Friday...11am-2.30pm)


Wellbeing Fair - 2010...